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Umm Zakiyyah

Umm Zakiyyah

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Umm Zakiyyah is now based in Washington, D.C. (USA). To book an appearance, use our Contact form.

Welcome to UmmZakiyyah.com

Writing and reflecting have always been beloved to me, and I thank you for joining me in sharing inspirational thoughts, engaging posts, and words that, prayerfully, touch the heart and soul.

Here you will find reflective blogs, thought-provoking audio, and moving videos—all with you and our collective betterment in mind, as we challenge ourselves to better our souls, our lives, and our world.

And I look forward to being inspired by you. So use our forums to share your thoughts on what we share. Or if you like, send me a message.

May we ever benefit each other during our brief sojourn on earth, as we relish in the immense blessing of life.

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